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Admiring Winter Ducks Moon

Good morning everyone. Tuesday was the full Worm moon, the last full moon of winter. Supposedly named because in some areas of the country worm castings became visible around this time of year. A worm in Maine would have to be tougher than a five pound bag of hammers to get through the frost that is just starting to come out of the ground. This moon seems to have many names according to where you live; the full Sap Moon, the Lenten Moon, the Full Crust Moon (in reference to snow, not Mary’s pies), and the full Crow Moon. And why shouldn’t a full moon be named according to what is going on in your reality. The full Let’s Get Ready to Go Sailing Moon. That works for us. Does that mean that April 9th will have the Full Bore Linear Panic Tax Deadline Moon. Take it easy Cap. What natural seasonal ritual is happening in your world that would name your March full moon?

We could certainly call ours the full Sap Moon. The sap is slowly coming to flow in our taps (see last blog) but there is a decided nip in the air this morning on a strong NW wind. It will be a few days yet before we are emptying buckets twice a day. We could also call this the Admiring Winter Ducks Moon. I was down at the schooner the other day when the ducks pictured here were paddling the harbor.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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