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Cool in the Islands

Good morning everyone. You are not really going to want to hear this. While most folks ashore are enjoying(?) hazy, hot, and humid conditions we are out on the bay surrounded by islands with a cool breeze. I am terrible in heat and humidity. I wilt like a delicate flower. We could actually see the heat rising off the land and every time we sailed in to the lee of the land the heat was just oppressive. So I was thankful for the opportunity to don a wind breaker.

Life in the islands is very good. The heat rising from the land yesterday generated a vigorous onshore breeze. We were tearing along at better the 9 knots at times yesterday. Tacking through the Pond Island Passage between Blue Hill and Jericho Bays was just awesome.

We are seeing tons of jellyfish these days. Burnt Coat Harbor was teaming with them and the anchorage here in Brooklin has numerous jellies drifting and swimming along in the tide. The kids are fascinated by the tiny babies. While most of the jellyfish are harmless Moon jellies we managed to snag a red Lion's Mane, the sting of which can really smart. They can grow to be really big, the largest around here for sure and we do catch a fascinating glimpse of one every once in a while .

We are going to take advantage of the calm this morning to explore one of the local islands and have our lobster picnic at noon. I think I over-bought on lobster again. Darn. Good thing I don't mind eating leftovers.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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