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How Warm Is It

And then there is the issue of temperature. I will preach to my dying day that the numbers on a thermometer are an artificial reflection of human temperament that we all too often allow to set the boundaries of our lives. Maybe that is why we here in the US have not adopted the Celsius equivalent. Imagine having to wrap our minds around going to the beach on a day when a thermometer only reads 27 degrees! I encourage guests to chose quality over quantity every time (unless of course I am trying to shamelessly sell that last dozen lobsters at the picnic). Besides, who among us does not enjoy the bragging rights that come with telling your neighbor back home that you swam in Maine. Great stories of adventure don’t come free. In the story over the back yard fence back home I am pretty sure we had to cut a hole in the ice at the bottom of the swim ladder.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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