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In Full Production

Good morning everyone. Well here is just a sampling of the girls one day efforts and a follow up to yesterday’s blog. The big one is from Acadia, the white Peking. The greenish shells come from Hershey and Chicago. All the others come from the chickens. Katie and I are building them a new coop today. Yesterday we had 19 eggs… one per bird. As Ed’s comment pointed out yesterday Jen feeds these birds like no others. A daily diet of layer pellets, watermelon, spinach, cracked corn, cucumber, and strawberries confirms our family motto: Quisquam dignitas effectus est dignitas effectus ut redundo! And you thought those high school latin classes would never come in handy. Not sure how that will influence the cholesterol level but visitors have commented on healthy out birds look.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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