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Let’s Go Sailing

Good morning everyone. We had a beautiful day here yesterday. The sun felt quite warm under the winter cover aboard the schooner, warm enough even to put a little primer paint on a few things. Today’s forecast has temps soaring into the 40s so we will be priming the cabin houses in the mid-day heat for a few hours. I drove down to the marine chandlery in Rockland yesterday and the bay looked so inviting.

The peapods were painted yesterday, inside and out. As you can see Jen and the crew did a great job, hardly a brush mark visible. We now just have to paint the off-white trim and the names. We have promised ourselves we will launch the peapods as soon as we get them finished. Kaitlyn has stripped the varnish off the deck box lids and she put a thinned coat of varnish on yesterday to seal those. They are looking good. I love the rich color of the white pine.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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