Sacred Places

After we finished playing music last evening one guest asked if we ever have "bad" cruises. Well all cruises are different and this has been a particularly high energy week. As human beings the crew would have a difficult time sustaining this high energy pace for 22 consecutive cruises. Without any control over the mix of guests that come aboard, each cruise becomes a reflection of the individuals present even if the crew could spend the entire day doing cartwheels and back handsprings. So is there such a thing as a "bad" windjammer cruise? Hardly! Is every cruise different? You bet! Do I hope everyone aboard has a good time? Of course. Can every windjammer cruise meet everyones needs? Nope. But that may be missing the point. The point here for me, and I hope our guests, is to enjoy whatever it is that comes along. This is very much a Zen thing. Or as Popeye always said, "I amsk what I amsk." It is what it is and it is always different and it is always good. There is a sacredness and mystery in every cruise if one is willing to find it. I am honored that guests share themselves with us. I am happy to share the bay with those who can appreciate its beauty whatever the weather may be.