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Signs of Spring

Good morning everyone. Though morning temperatures have been in the single digits for the last few days we know spring is near. For one Drew, our chief mate, arrived this week and he and I have been building new paint floats in the barn. More on those later. Jen went down to the harbor yesterday to photograph some more of our unique winter ducks and was instead greeted by robins. I don’t know what birds are unique to the place you call home but here in Maine robins give us hope that a new season is right around the corner. This particular robin seemed most interested in our anchor chain. I have a theory. As you can see, the part of the chain stack that faces south certainly gets some solar gain and provides about the only open ground one is likely to find here. I am not sure how the worm hunting is on the granite bulkhead but who are we to argue with a robin. That bird must have one tough beak!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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