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Spring Bling

The beauty of a windjammer is of course her hull and sail design and how she majestically moves through the water by wind and tide. But there is more to it than that. Of course, all the bling she displays from the gold leaf trail boards on her bow to the Bellamy eagle on her transom and the endless miles of gloss paint and varnish all reflecting the ripples in the water give that added bling effect. Again, there is more to it than that.

Much of Mary Day’s elegant appeal lies deeply within the schooner. Hands and hearts make up a windjammer and so is true of Mary Day. As this season is soon upon us the crew is working endless hours, days, and nights bringing that graceful elegance alive, giving Mary Day that added splendor we all adore both on deck and in the galley.

We would like to give a huge thank you to all our crew, present and past, who have been here for these endless fit-out hours, slaving away with a sander and a paintbrush. Mary Day’s beauty is truly an effort of pure love, not for painting, but for a windjammer. So, when you see the shiny gold leaf, the beautiful desserts on deck, the handmade bread towels, or even those places you don’t get to see (the shiny bottom), just know that it was all done with love, sweat, and of course many tears and sore muscles. It takes a village to run a windjammer. We are thankful for all who are deeply committed to keeping Mary Day sailing with such grace and beauty.

Be Well, Do Good. See you all out on the Bay soon!

(and yes - Cathy is back and trying out many new recipes!)

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Bill Cavanagh
Bill Cavanagh
May 13, 2022

....and Ellie?

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