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The Midnight Oil

Good morning everyone. The midnight oil has been burned. And the results are stunning. The schooner looks absolutely fantastic. The kids were fast asleep on the settees in the main cabin by the time we were putting the finishing touches on the main cabin. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am by the crew and how hard they worked. Today is Coast Guard inspection and I think we are in good shape for that.

Jake Carey, our assistant executive chef de cuisine, arrived to find a schooner that by all outward appearances did not look too organized. By days end he had a uncorked the galley, washed all the dishes, washed all the utensils, helped raise topsails, organized the tools, and many other items. Sara, Becki, and Jen had bent on the staysail, fore and main topsails, and jib. The frustrating moment of the day for me was the discovery of a couple “iffy” seams in our 1-year-old jib topsail. Evidently the synthetic canvas is cut in to its appropriate widths with a hot knife. If the canvas is run through too quickly the selvage edge can be brittle. Our sail maker and next door neighbor, Brad Hunter of Gambell and Hunter Sails of Camden and Appleton, Maine returned my call immediately and will put the sail on the floor of his loft immediately. Now that is service.

Jim Dugan showed up again to help with topsails and lend greatly appreciated moral support and good cheer. They say it takes a village to raise and rig a topsail.

Sorry no pictures this morning. I am out of time and need to get down to the boat for drills and finishing touches.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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