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Good morning everyone. Well as so many of you have noticed the blog has been on vacation for almost a month now. I guess it was time for a break and a chance to just be in the moment. Writing succinctly is not easy. Jim quotes a journalist who once said, “I would have written less but I ran out of time.” I apologize to those of you who enjoy seeing the goings on here. Thank you for your patience and understanding that my writing inspiration comes like waves in the bay… depending on the wind and the tide. Since the beginning of September I have been savoring every last minute of sailing and scenery and wonderful guests. Each day the wildlife has been turning towards winter as Arctic nesters arrive and Maine’s summer birds travel on. The woodstove has been running more frequently although there seem to be plenty of warms days yet to come. Temperatures are supposed to be in the high 70s on shore here today. With just a few more cruises remaining the sand is pouring through the glass too rapidly.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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